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Garmin Connect Running on Ubuntu Linux

OK, so this isn’t 100% a mountain bike topic, but it is kind of related in a round-a-bout way.  As you may have seen in older posts, I have been using the Garmin Connect website to store and view all my riding data for a few months now.  For a long time I have been running a Linux based operating system (Ubuntu), on my home PC instead of running Windows which is why I am having these issues.

Garmin have only released plugins for OSX and Windows.  Up until now, I have had to run a Windows virtual machine via VirtualBox, but after a recent rebuild, I decided to try running Garmin Connect via Wine with the Windows version of Firefox instead of using a virtual machine.  So I installed the latest version of Firefox (v3.6.3 at the time of posting this) and went to the Garmin Connect site.  It asked me to install the plugin, so I did.  The end result…. Success.  I now have my Garmin Foretrex running on Ubuntu Linux without using a Windows operating system.

Update 24/05/2010:
For those people who have used Garmin Connect using this method, can you please make a comment with your Garmin model number. Lets try and get a list of confirmed devices and try and rule out unsupported models vs linux issues.

Update 16/05/2010:
This procedure also works with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx which was released not too long ago.  I will have the new procedure up in a few days.

Update 28/04/2010:
After many requests, I have decided to re-write this process as more of a how-to document.  I will post the new link here when finished.  Keep your eye out.

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